Practitioner CEU Course

Fixing You Method for

Solving Difficult Pain Problems

A New Approach to Healing Difficult and Chronic Pain Problems

Chronic Pain Treatment Course for Medical Professionals

Chronic Pain Treatment Course: Transform Your Approach for Better Patient Outcomes

Traditional medical education is missing a critical element 
to healing chronic pain. This course takes you deep into 
an innovative approach, equipping you to address your client’s pain at its core.

This missing knowledge is the key understanding how components of the body link together to cause and solve pain. I call this a systems approach to solving pain.

You’ll take transformational journey and learn how to fix chronic issues permanently.

Elevate your practice’s reputation, patient satisfaction, and financial success. Don’t miss the chance to make a transformational impact on your client’s well-being.

Chronic Pain Treatment Course for Medical Professionals



“I took Rick Olderman’s training program for health and fitness professionals. It was honestly the best physical therapy course I have ever taken. I have immediately used the information successfully on dozens and dozens of patients. My only regret is not knowing this information 20 years ago. Rick is an excellent teacher who will change the way you practice. His information is easy to grasp and apply. I give it my highest recommendation.”

Bob Schrupp

Most Famous Physical Therapist On the Internet & Co-Host of the Bob & Brad YouTube channel with 5 Million Followers.

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