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Rick Olderman is an Amazon Best-Selling Author on Holistic Pain Relief Book.



Top 3 Fix is a collaboration between Rick Olderman, MSPT, and Robert Schrupp, PT of Bob & Brad YouTube fame. With their 55 years of combined experience, this book offers three key exercises and habit changes that solve pain from head to toe.

Rooted in practical clinical experience this book targets plantar fasciitis, knee, hip, various types of back and sciatic pain, SI joint and piriformis pain as well as upper body 
pain including neck pain, headaches, shoulder and even elbow pain.

If you’re in pain, TOP 3 FIX will help fix it.

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Fixing You® Method

Book Series

Solving The Pain Puzzle

In this book, Rick discusses his ground-breaking approach to treating chronic musculoskeletal pain, drawn from decades in his Denver, Colorado orthopedic physical therapy clinic. Using a holistic yet evidence-based strategy to solving the body’s pain mysteries, he provides insight and hope to those seeking answers, arguing that the key is to recognize that the location of pain has little to do with where the pain actually originates. The book takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery, revealing unique body connections at the root of chronic pain, and includes real patient stories about how this approach helped with everything from sciatica to migraines.

Fixing You® Back Pain & Sciatica

This book is tailored for everyone with lower back pain or sciatica and offers easy-to-follow exercises to address a wide range of issues. Using a simple format, it empowers readers to identify the root causes of their pain and provide lasting relief. It presents straightforward exercises to correct three root patterns that cause back pain. For visual learners, free exercise video clips are available by following  the instructions found in the book. 

Learn lower back pain exercises at home that will help you feel better.

Fixing You® Hip & Knee Pain

Don’t let hip and knee pain slow you down. Knee and hip pain usually comes from underperforming pelvic muscles and improper walking patterns. This results in painful hip joint tracking issues and uncontrolled knee joint rotation. Fixing You® Hip & Knee Pain, is your complete guide to understanding and addressing these issues. Through clear explanations and straightforward solutions, this easy-to-follow book equips you with the tools you need to conquer your pain. The book dives deep into the root causes and solutions using numerous illustrations and real-life stories. Like all the Fixing You® series, videos of all exercises are provided by following the instructions in the book. Reclaim your comfort and mobility with hip and knee pain exercises at home.

Fixing You® Shoulder & Elbow Pain

Discover rapid relief with tennis elbow self-treatment, rotator cuff exercises, and shoulder impingement exercises, along with Golfer’s elbow pain relief. The shoulders are a floating system on the trunk and have precise rules about how they should work. Fixing You® Shoulder & Elbow Pain explains the most common rules that are broken and how they can be corrected to alleviate shoulder pain. In addition to shoulder blade problems, elbow pain such as tennis elbow is also due to deeper, neglected forearm rotator muscles. In both cases, you will learn how to fix the issues that cause pain. Throughout the book, simple language and illustrations are used. Also included are video clips of all exercises.

Fix You® Neck Pain and Headaches

Do you suffer from chronic neck pain and headaches? Find out the surprising and commonly overlooked sources of your persistent neck pain and headaches. Learn how and why your shoulder blade is the key to solving these painful persistent problems. Fixing You® Neck Pain & Headaches provides enlightening insights into these vital links and offers practical home remedies.  

Fixing You® Foot & Ankle Pain

Discover lasting ankle and foot pain relief with effective home treatment for feel spurs and physical therapy exercises for plantar fasciitis! Identify the root causes of chronic foot and ankle pain using Fixing You® Foot & Ankle Pain as your guide. Investigate foot strike patterns, thigh bone structure, foot muscle function, and calf tightness as contributing factors. Not only does this resource identify these issues, but it also provides actionable strategies for managing them. This book provides you with the tools to regain your comfort and mobility, from taping techniques to foot orthotics and insights into minimalist running.
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