Escape Your Persistent Pain Nightmare

with the Fixing You Method

Escape Your Persistent Pain Nightmare with the Fixing You® Method

Suffering from debilitating never ending pain? The Fixing You® Method finally offers lasting relief using a revolutionary approach.

Your Pain Can Go Away

Let’s be real – persistent pain can steal the joy out of life.
It’s an unwelcome companion for millions of people, and it never goes away.

It’s my educated guess, you’ve likely tried just about everything under the sun to feel better and nothing has worked long-term. I understand your frustration.

Like many of my clients, you’re confronted with the hopeless idea that you might have to live the rest of your life with pain.

In my experience, you’re just missing the right information.
I think I have those answers for you. Please read further.

To your best health,

Rick Olderman, MSPT

Traditional Medicine Missed This Critical Piece

My Obsession Found It

I Suffered Crippling Back Pain In My 20’s…

When I couldn’t fix my back pain agony while in PT school, I realized the medical world was missing critical knowledge about chronic pain.

They hyper-focused on the site of damage rather than the whole body.

Yes, scans spot injured discs and tissues, but these scans or tests don’t tell you WHY there’s damage – which is the key to solving chronic pain.

The truth? Your daily habits feed a downward spiral that results in your sciatica, chronic back, neck pain, hip pain even foot pain.

Things like poor posture, emotional stress, past injuries and overexertion all play a role.

Now here’s the great news: when you understand exactly HOW your lifestyle triggers tension and damage day after day, you can break the cycle with targeted changes.

With my Fixing You® Method, you’ll learn to release muscle knots, learn better ways to move, make weak muscles stronger, and stop doing things that make your back hurt every day.

I’ll share with you over 25 years of clinical insights and secrets, to help you navigate your journey from pain to enjoying life.

Secrets that can help you walk, lift, garden, and live again – Pain-free.

The medical world missed this critical piece for too long. I’m thrilled to teach it to you now.

Fixing You® Method

Radically Different

Unlike anything you’ve tried before, my Fixing You® Method completely transforms how chronic pain is understood and treated by addressing total-body tension patterns and root biomechanical dysfunction rather than isolated symptoms. If you’re tired of temporary relief and ready to get to the bottom of your persistent suffering, take the first step now toward true pain-free liberation.

Start your journey to feeling better.


Here's What You'll Get:


The Fixing You® Method BACK PAIN

The Fixing You® Method HIP PAIN

The Fixing You® Method KNEE PAIN

The Fixing You® Method FOOT PAIN

The Fixing You® Method HEADACHES PAIN

Self-Directed Fixing You®


Engaged Recovery Fixing You®



Includes Full Access to Entire Fixing You® Method Series

Back | Hip | Knee | Neck & Shoulders | Head & Migraines | Feet

The Core of the Fixing You® Method is to…

Identify & Understand
Your Pain Pattern

Build New Habits That Break Tension Patterns

Reduce Tension Locking
Your Body in Pain

Correct Tight or Weak Muscles To Reinforce New Movement Patterns

In My Fixing You Home

Program You’ll Learn…

Identify Sources of Chronic Pain
Stop Your Chronic Pain Habits
Pain Relief Movements
You'll Also Learn - What to do when you are feeling 75% better, so you can re-enter life with confidence.


The Fixing You® Method KNEE PAIN

The Fixing You® Method HIP PAIN

The Fixing You® Method FOOT PAIN

The Fixing You® Method HEADACHES PAIN

What Our Clients Say About

Fixing You® Method

By the end of the first week of Rick’s program the pain was 50-60% better. And by the end of a month, I was almost pain-free! I’m still working on that last 3% but now that I know which exercises work best for me – it just takes a few minutes to relieve all discomfort. I heartily recommend this program! I especially appreciate that Rick has always answered any questions that crop up along the way.
Sally Brown

I was having severe pain in my lower back from a herniated disc and severe tightness in my back muscles.Your exercises and advice have put me in the road to recovery.

Thank you sooo very much for your help and wisdom I am know in the way to recovery. Thank you Sir 😊

Cecil Gripon
I have sciatica pain in my left hip and leg started using your therapy and I received a great deal of relief after the first session. I am now pain-free from the sciatica. I do the therapy about every other day just to be safe. It is amazing me how great is therapy works.
Jack Hamilton
I’ve been able to stop wearing a back support and can go for walks again. I notice stress makes my back flare up bad no matter what so there’s certain things I won’t do anymore. I only use ibuprofin, if absolutely necessary now.
Mary Skalsky
I am so grateful for Rick’s program. I am 62 years old and have lived with pain for many years from scoliosis which I didn’t even know could be helped. I just thought I was going to get worse with age. I can now stand long enough to cook again, do dishes and so much more! Thank you so much Rick!!!
Peggy Markham
I can tell you from my experience using Rick Olderman’s program that you don’t have to know the cause in order to find relief and see results. It helps sometimes to know which exercises help you more, or if they’re causing you to feel discomfort, but in my experience I’ve found that over time you figure most of those things out and in the end IT WORKS!
Kathleen Hopkins Clayton
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