What the Heck is Femoral Anteversion and Retroversion?

What the Heck is Femoral Anteversion and Retroversion?

Talk about scary words! Don’t worry it’s a simple idea. “Femoral” means thigh bone. “Anteversion” means twisted inward. “Retroversion” means twisted outward. So basically, this means a thigh bone that is twisted inward or outward.

Never heard of it? Even though it’s quite common, it’s not surprising as it escapes the notice of many practitioners. It is a significant force, though, regarding back, hip, knee, or foot/ankle pain. Read through some of my other blog posts and you’ll get a better idea of this naturally occurring phenomena.

If either of these conditions exist in you, don’t worry, while you can’t change the shape of your thigh bones you can easily offset these changes with certain exercises and changes in walking habits.

If you’d like to see how I used these concepts to help real patients, please read my story, Hip & Knee Pain from a Twisty Thigh, from my upcoming book.

If you’re a practitioner, join my Heal Patients Faster online course to learn about this and so many other ideas about solving pain in your clients or patients.

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