What the Cause of Pain Tells You

What the Cause of Pain Tells You

by Rick Olderman, physical therapist for over 25 years

How you developed your pain tells a lot about what the problem is. In medicine we refer to this as the mechanism of injury (MOI). Typically, if there is a certain event that caused pain, I feel more confident we will solve it—unless something is broken or torn. The reason the MOI helps us is that we can visualize the mechanics behind the problem and therefore can postulate how to unwind those mechanics to solve it. In addition to work or sports, this even includes changes to your exercise program, office set-up, new bed, taking up gardening…things like that.

If pain has no real MOI and came on gradually then I typically assume there has been a slow degradation of tissues due to poor movement habits or a culmination of small injuries that has finally broken the proverbial back.

To understand your pain better, think of what your MOI is. This will give you a starting point in unravelling your solutions.

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Rick Olderman is a sports and orthopedic physical therapist, personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and speaker living in Denver, CO. He has been practicing physical therapy since 1996.

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