Something Great Just Happened

Something Great Just Happened

We conducted a workshop a few weeks ago and I wanted to tell you about something great that just happened.

As I was conducting the workshop, I had my team behind the scenes monitoring the chat window and helping people out.

During the interactive exercise portion of the presentation, Dave mentioned that his back felt better with his legs straight which is usually an indicator that he does not suffer from back pain.

Here’s the exchange between Dave and a member of my support team:



Dave: My back feels better with legs straight, but that might be because I don’t have any back pain. I’m here because I just love the information!

Support Team: My back feels better with my legs straight too. Glad you’re here with us.

Dave: Rick helped me with my ankle and leg pain. Many of my friends have back issues, so I’m curious about that.

Support Team: That’s great news Dave. I’d love to hear more about your story. Would you mind sharing it by sending a message to Rick?


A few hours after the workshop, my support team received this heart-warming message from Dave:



I was the guy on the Zoom conference yesterday who benefitted from Rick’s advice for my sore knee, ankle, and hip.

First, I want to say how great this last Zoom session was. I found it totally captivating — which is to say a lot considering that I do not have back problems. It seems that Rick is synthesizing information from at least three earlier pioneers.

It was fascinating to see the “tests” and find that, for once!, I passed. So, it’s probably not a coincidence that my back is still good.

I was asked about my leg problems. I think that Rick’s advice helped me a lot. I used the nighttime foot boot to prevent my calf muscle from shortening while I slept. I also found the tape on the back of the leg to help change my way of walking.

Unfortunately, I’m not the perfect choice for a testimonial because I have an acupuncturist who’s been helping out on the sore ankle tendon, too. So I can’t tell for sure who to give the credit.

She can explain why this particular point on my ankle has been sore for so long. I tend to believe that her explanation and Rick’s are both correct.

It took a lot to perpetuate my leg problems. However, complementary health care treatments should complement one another in getting to the root of the problem.

It was a really great session, and I look forward to attending more of them. I wish you and Rick all the best in popularizing his innovative program.

— Dave


I absolutely love hearing stories like these and I’m pleased that the information that I make available is helpful for the people that choose to follow it.

If you are interested in watching the workshop that Dave is referencing, please tap here to watch it.

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