Scoliosis…How Does it Cause Back Pain?

Scoliosis…How Does it Cause Back Pain?

It’s tempting to see back pain from scoliosis having do to solely with the scoliosis. It does, in a way, however it’s not the sideways curvature of the back that needs to be solved in order to relieve back pain.

If you test a little further, you’ll find that most people with scoliosis find relief from their back pain when they lie on their backs and bend their knees or hug them to their chests. This maneuver is not changing the S-curve of the scoliosis. It’s changing a different curve—the lordosis (arching) of the lower spine.

It seems that scoliosis tends to promote forces causing excessive arching of the lower back. Solve those forces and you’ll solve a scoliotic patient’s pain—without changing the scoliosis curvature.

There are several possible solutions for this that are too involved to go into here, unfortunately.

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