Hip & Knee Pain from a Twisty Thigh

“Ride with your knees a quarter to a half-inch further from the frame” I said. “And rotate your shoe cleats out about two or three degrees. Lastly, start walking with your feet turned out a bit.”

“You mean walk like a duck?” Brian, my new patient, asked incredulously.

“Yes, if that’s how you want to think about it” I answered.

“When can I ride?” asked Brian, a lean 31-year-old with the shredded thighs of an elite cyclist. He’d raced in many countries around the world and he was now training for the Colorado Classic, a multi-stage, multi-day road race ranging from about 90-130 miles of riding each day through the steep, winding valleys and passes of the Rocky Mountains. This was one notch that this Colorado native hadn’t yet put in his belt, and he felt it was time.

Brian had been training for months for this race, but his efforts had ground to a halt due to….

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