Exercising with Pain…Tips

Exercising with Pain…Tips

You’ve got pain but you want to keep exercising. What to do? Well, the obvious solution is to fix your pain, and you can do that with any of my programs. But aside from that, here are a few tips.

If your pain has occurred when weightbearing, then give it a break and change to non- or pseudo-weightbearing instead for a little while. By this I mean cycling, rowing, elliptical, stair master, swimming, or some other less aggressive pounding exercise.

Also try to get the gluteus maximus to wake up and do its job. Here’s one exercise we use in the clinic to do this. Essentially pump that leg up and down about an inch, with the knee about level with the hip. Try 2 sets of 30 reps and see if your piriformis feels better afterwards.

If your pain is in your upper body and happens while weight training, explore the idea of stretching your chest muscles like this with this exercise:

or shoulder blade depressors with this exercise—essentially gently hang from something high feeling a stretch in your rib cage or armpit area.

Good luck! I hope this helps!


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